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We are two women who realized that what lights us on fire is helping people navigate the complex, often lonely, often confusing world of illness. Between us, we have decades of experience living with and learning to embrace both short-term medical trauma and long-term illness; understanding the ins and outs of health insurance and how to navigate even the most draconian system; and finding the joy that can exist in every day. 

We realized that we were spending hours of every day texting, chatting, and on the phone with people who needed our experience and guidance. Then we realized that we had both been searching for a greater purpose. This is it. 

We love to be there for others. 

Wellness Companions offers our support in areas like advocacy, relationships, nutrition, stress management, and medical strategy during your journey through the body and all its adventures. We provide a range of services, and we also work in consultation with you to see exactly what might be most supportive. 

Your journey begins with a 30- or 60-minute Initial Consultation with both of us, during which we will focus in on your needs and build a custom care plan just for you. 

We are here to support you in mind, body, and spirit.