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Let's Get Loud!

Jackie Shea

Hey ladies and gents, 

Are you suffering in silence? Well we want to hear your screams! Get loud so we can help you. Get loud so that you can recover. Get loud so you can thrive. 

This week, Eva wrote her last column on Everup—the column has been passed to me, Jackie, while Eva finishes her book. In her post, Eva discussed some of the magic that happens when you talk or write honestly about illness: How writing an advice column often propels the writer to take their own advice, and on how talking about "it" can help tear down the isolation chamber that often accompanies illness.  Eva and I formed our bond under talking about it—all of the sadness, the LOLs, the pain in the ass doctor visits, and the ridiculous symptoms/ ridiculous ways to cure them. Now we are here. Much better, often thriving, and running a company where we can give other people similar support. 

One day after Eva's column ran, my blog post went up this week about depression. The terrible haunting depression that accompanied me through a lot of my sickest days. It's very common to get depressed when you're struggling with illness/wellness, and, for me, the relief came in the moments where I felt supported/heard/less alone. But in order to feel heard, I had to get loud. It was scary, but it changed my life. Especially in the moments that I met people as hilarious and encouraging as Eva. In the togetherness, we suffer less. In fact, sometimes feeling heard can save a life.

So go get loud! Let it up and OUT so you can focus on healing. 

One other piece of advice: Be sure to go where the love is! Go to the people that will love you, that will be compassionate and empathetic. Both Eva and I can attest to the powers of sharing your truth and feeling loved for it. 

Love and support, 
Your wellness companions <3