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Wellness Snack-Packs: Your Other Companion!

Jackie Shea


Hey cool-cats! 

You've probably heard the expression "hangry," right? If not, let us act as your urban dictionary. Hangry is an expression used to describe the feeling of being so freakin' hungry that you're angry. Clever, right? Your brain is actually the #1 calorie consumer in your body. So, it makes sense that when you don't give your body some form of glucose (the brains' juice) you're affected on a mind, body, and spirit level. Exhibit A: Children. Have you ever watched/heard a child who just so happened to be starving. They scream. They throw tantrums. They cry. As adults, we get better at tolerating the feeling, but the very same sensations are happening inside of our own bodies. Pretty crazy that we would ever let ourselves get to that point, right? 

That's how it feels to be hungry when you're NOT sick. In our experience, being in less than optimal health has made it all the more important to be constantly consuming nutrients. Sometimes the simplest things can influence the most profound changes. Jackie experienced a whole new level of insanity when hunger struck after she contracted Lyme, and after enough unfortunate public breakdowns, she started packing "wellness snack-packs." It made such a huge difference that we decided to email all of our favorite health-seekers about it, and give you the general guidelines! 

1.) ALWAYS pack plenty of food when you leave the house. YES, even if you think you'll only be gone for an hour, and you'll be fine. What if traffic hits? Or the train doesn't come? Or you end up in some jam where you're starving and the only thing around for purchase is a 7/11 hot dog?

2.) We find it best to have some protein in the mix. Jackie packs some combination of raw cut-up fruits or veggies, walnuts, almonds, lara bars, a packet of almond butter, and/or gluten free crackers. 

3.) Be sure you always pack some water! Hydration is just as important. 

4.) ENJOY the pleasures of self-care and always being well fed (unless you're on a detox diet)! 

Here's to the end of UNNECESSARY suffering.

 Welcome to the world of radical self- care!

Your Wellness Companions <3