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Happy Excuse to be Grateful Day

Jackie Shea

Hey YOU! 

In other words: Happy Thanksgiving! Today is notorious for face-stuffing, family-seeing, wine drinking, and chilly weather. If you're lucky—before everyone goes to town on too much food—someone remembers to announce the "lets go around the table and say what we're grateful for" game. After all, it is THANKSgiving, right? It's why I personally love this holiday—a whole day to focus on gratitude. 

Maybe because gratitude is something that has saved my ass multiple times in the midst of chronic illness. 

Maybe it's because, for me, gratitude feels like the light IN the tunnel—not at the end of it. 

Maybe it's because gratitude gives me a balanced view of reality when my brain can only see darkness.

Maybe it's because I like things that make me feel better—gratitude works, AND it's free.

As a person healing from chronic illness, gratitude has been indispensable. 
We highly suggest that you don't just reflect on your gratefuls today but that you make it a consistent practice. Here are some simple things you can do: 

-Write daily lists. Just five things. It takes 30 seconds. I'll do a sample here: 

  • I'm grateful for my mobility. I can walk, and spin and jump and use my hands
  • I'm grateful for plenty of clean water whenever I want or need it
  • I'm grateful for all of my healthy food options
  • I'm grateful that I live in a safe place
  • I'm grateful for morning coffee

- Start a gratitude email chain with other people you love!  It's a fun way to build community and friendship AND thankfuls

-In meditation, when your mind starts wondering, list things you're grateful for instead of thinking about the dishes. 

-Speak gratitude aloud when you're in the car with traffic! 

-And, today, play that ol' "what are you grateful for?"  before dinner! 

Have a wonderful, healthy day.

With support,
Your companions