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How to Survive It.

Jackie Shea

Hey Wellness Jedis, 

First of all, you are so awesome—we see you (not literally...because we aren't creepy. But figuratively) waking up everyday with aches or pains or fears, looking them in the eye, and participating in your healing journey anyway. You are a champion. You are a warrior. 

If no one has stopped you today to acknowledge  all of your hard work, all of your research, your guts, your heart and spirit, let us be the ones to do it. Thank YOU for taking care of you. Thank you for rising up to the challenge. Thank you for choosing to fight for your health. We really know how hard it is. How did we do it? How did we get through the hardest days of our lives, the surgeries, the dark thoughts, the incredible pain, the isolation and loneliness, the fear, the anxiety, the weakness, the doubt, and the exhaustion? 

ONE DAY AT A TIME. That's how. That's the only way how. And, sometimes, one day at a time was too overwhelming and we had to do life one hour at a time, one moment at a time, or we simply had to DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING. 

The business of healing or dealing with a chronic illness can be mind-boggling. The only way we have found it to be manageable is to stay out of the future planning and get right into this moment. What can I do next? 

Maybe you're just waking up. Maybe you just need to drink some fluids. Maybe you'd really like to take a shower (and dry brush beforehand!) Maybe you need to EAT some nutritious food. Maybe you need to hear a loving friend's voice. Maybe you need to go back to sleep. need to go to work (yikes! But we understand. We had to go to work sometimes, too). Whatever, is next on your list, please know that it is ALL you have to do. No more, no less. And *one step at a time* the hours and days will add up, the healing activities will accumulate boosting your mind, body, and spirit, and suddenly (seemingly out of nowhere) you will be feeling better and thinking, "how did I do that?" 

ONE DAY AT A TIME, that's how. 

With support, 

Your Wellness Companions.