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Festive Reminders

Eva Hagberg Fisher

Hey celebrators!

We know it's the most festive time of year, chock full of colorful treats, intoxicating beverages, and tempting long nights. All of that is good and fun; fun and wellness are NOT mutually exclusive. Not. At. All. We endorse merriment of all kinds. So throw snowballs, bake cookies, "cheers" with egg nog, and slightly over do it with family activities! But let us remind you that it's not really worth it to have fun this week at the risk of ruining the next month. Right? It can also be a time when we worry about "missing out." Sometimes, it can feel like our ailments hold us back from all of the wicked sugar- rush- fun we can be having, but believe us, there's PLENTY of fun to go around, and taking little self-care breaks will only enhance your holiday experience. 

Since we have learned our lessons the hard way, we'd like to share some simple tips with you to keep you balanced during this batty time:

-Sneak away when everyone is going for a winter stroll and get in ten minutes of meditation instead (don't worry— you won't miss anything ground- breaking.).

-Get those 7-8 hours of sleep no matter what! Go to bed slightly earlier (or wake up a little later) than everyone else. It's OK. Remember: YOU are the priority.

-Every once in a while, opt for herbal tea or warm lemon water instead of that coffee with Baileys or that glass of wine. 

-At dinner, when the salad bowl comes around be sure to load up on the greens. Sure, eat the bread too (if you must) just grab veggies and fruit everyday too! Instead of dessert EVERY DAY, pick one (or two) special occasions to eat pounds of sugar (or ounces). Maybe you'll opt for cake on Christmas and New Years Eve. One or two fun cheats is better than a week of candy. Your body will thank you for it.

-Travel with your supplements! And stay on top of taking them, even if you're on "vacation"

-Begin each morning with a little prayer, gratitude list or morning meditation to keep you spiritually grounded and calm. The last thing your body needs is extra stress! 

-Stay warm! Wear your favorite sweatshirt and your warmest boots. You're not here to impress, you're here to be cozy and a healthy thriving person. So find a warm sweater that you also feel awesome in and wear it instead of that slinky silk top that makes you look AMAZING but also makes you shiver.

-And can do without political discussion at the dinner table this year. It will ease digestion. 

Happy holidays, our wellness buddies. We can't wait to hear how you stay balanced this year.