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To Our Activist Friends

Eva Hagberg Fisher

Hi friends, 

If you're anything like us, you've had a busy few days (or months) reading the news, making phone calls, sending letters, donating money, updating your Facebook status with yet another infuriating detail, and maybe even taking part in some spirited political debate. If this sounds like you then we have to ask: How are you feeling at the end of the day?  Stressed? cross-eyed with anxiety? Are you experiencing any negative physical side-effects—less sleep, a stiff neck, lots of fatigue? It's important to be involved right now. It's important to have a voice and to fight to be heard. But it's still more important to take care of yourself—no matter how grave it gets in D.C, there's always time for an epsom salt bath. So, how do we balance? How do we remain involved in the revolution while also staying sane, healthy and—dare we say it— at peace within ourselves? 

-Think one action a day. If you're an over-doer then this is especially for you: One action a day is enough. Make one phone call, donate 1$ to one cause, write one email to your chosen representative, or do something for the environment and plant a tree. Same for the news: read it, but read it once a day. Pick a time of day to read the news and take your one action and spend the rest of your time invested in your big, sparkly life and gorgeous spirit. There's no need to overwhelm ourselves in an effort to save the country—we need you and we need you healthy and energized! 

-There's never been a better time to put "airplane mode" to use. Take breaks. Breaks from social media, breaks from your email, and breaks from text messages. If you can't fathom separating from your phone during the day then give yourself a cut-off time at night (i.e nine PM the phone goes into airplane mode and doesn't get looked at until the next morning). 

-During this time, things may start to feel dark for you if they don't already. Up your gratitude list practice to once or twice daily. Same goes for meditation. Find more times to sit still and meditate for five minutes at a time. 

-Don't forget to eat. Eat your three balanced meals a day. Drink enough water, and maybe consider switching over to herbal tea to calm the nerves every once in awhile.

-Stay active in what brings you joy! Now more than ever we need you to create your art. Meryl Streep just quoted Carrie Fisher during her speech at the Golden Globes saying, "take your broken heart and turn it into art." Pour your energy into your writing, dancing, singing, photographing, drawing, knitting, cooking or whatever might light you up and enhance your spirit.  

And, more than anything, stay in TODAY. 

your companions