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Be our Valentine for 50% off!

Eva Hagberg Fisher

Hello lovers, 

Romantic relationships can often feel like the spiritual olympics. Right? Just us? Doubtful. 
Being in love is hard; dating is hard; commitment is hard; marriage is hard—each step seems harder than the last.  Vulnerability can feel like a torturous slow pull of a band aid from the heart, opening up all of our old wounds, bleeding out for our significant other to see. And that's with a strong libido, bustling energy, and no physical pain. Add the emotional and physical layers that illness creates and we have a challenge comparable to competing in the olympics while on loads of xanax—it's seemingly impossible.

We knew when we started Wellness Companions that we would have to offer a service catering to romantic relationships— "how-to-partner while you're sick" kind of thing. Both Eva and I, Jackie, have been in successful, fulfilling, relationships under the thumb of illness. Let us bring you hope—it's possible! And SO badass. This Valentines Day, we are offering a special 50% off discount for our hour- long "Navigating Romance" service. We will pass on to you the skill set we used to remain in thriving relationships while also being bogged down by illness. 

Book direct within the next week or at  and we'll see you soon :)

Big Valentine's Love XO